Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sun San Sandals

Sun San Sandals make sweet, practical, quite old-fashioned sandals for children, which will be hitting these shores this summer. Their British website is very pretty - in fact I wish they made them in grown-ups' sizes. Pictures: Sun San Sandals; found via Charlie and Caroline's Blog.


  1. hiya Hannah! The Swimmer style comes in grown-up sizes, I think they're called Salt-Waters stateside?:

    They are the bee's knees for going to the beach!

  2. Hi Hannah, thanks for your lovely comments xx good news is they DO make them in adult sizes, but sadly we have been negotiating our way through a trademark issue. Fingers crossed we will have them for all those grown up style mavens soon, but meantime just for kids xxx

  3. I love Saltwater sandals, Noelle! Toast are doing them this summer - I might have to succumb to a pair. And Rachael - I will be stalking your lovely website until you launch your grown-up ones! xx