Thursday, 9 December 2010

Peak Princess

From her sewing room in the attic of her cottage in the Peak District (with its pastoral-idyll view), Lissa Cook makes the most adorable clothes to order - for babies, children and adults - all in crisp Liberty print. It's a proper cottage industry, as it really is just her (not a single employee) and so everything is individually made by hand, by Lissa herself, in whatever print you like. Her blouses for women are lovely, but I think the baby rompers and bloomers might get my vote.


  1. I have a question that nothing to do with this post but hoping you can help! I want to track down some wort of handprinted calendar to give as a x-mas present for a friend. My preference is to find something in the UK as international shipping is expensive. Something like: or

    just hoping you might have come across something as you find such lovely things.

    Many thanks


  2. Hello Sarah - thank you for your kind words. Well, I rather love this one from Tinsmiths:

    Or, for more of a splurge, there's this one from the V&A shop. It looks plain, but it's really elegant in the flesh:

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I like both of them and might have to buy one for myself.

  4. gosh - hugely belated thank you for this! v flattered, Lissa.