Monday, 6 September 2010


I almost always prefer the look of men's and children's clothes to what's in most girls' shops. Men's and kids' clothes tend to be just a bit more straight-forward and unfussy and proper looking - with no pointlessly cropped sleeves or fake buttons or shoulder pads or pockets you can't fit your hands in. This new London menswear label, Percival, makes very proper Just-William-style duffel coats, jackets in waxed cotton and Harris tweed, and chunky jumpers the kind of which I would definitely wear, if only they would make them in my size.


  1. I am right there with you on the mens/kids theory. I've been searching for a yellow jacket just like this one - but haven't been able to find one that would fit me!

  2. Hey Hannah / Mary,

    Our smallest size is actually really small/slim.
    Might be ok.

    Thanks for ya kind words.


  3. I love my Albam hillwalker but this Percival is also a beaut. I wonder if it's be a good cycling commuter coat?