Thursday, 4 February 2010

Amanda Peet's bedroom

Ever since I saw actress Amanda Peet's spare room (in Domino, ages ago) I have been mildly fixated on recreating - in scrupulous detail - it in our bedroom at home. Our bedspread, happily, is already an uncanny match. So now all I need to do is convince Archie this wallpaper isn't too "greetings card", and paper it up to the ceiling (leaving a nook for artfully chosen books). And then that we must take out a massive loan to buy a clutch of Mary Fedden paintings - I'm thinking this and this and this (because Amanda would like them). And then we'll need a set of cripplingly expensive bedlinen, with a smart navy trim, from here. Followed by a hunt for a mercury glass light fitting just like that one, here, and then we'll need to track down that yellow lamp - which will necessitate a Eurostar to Paris, probably. Now, how to broach the subject...

Picture by Coliena Rentmeester

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  1. Im sure Amanda will be a great mom! She was awesome in 2012, I just became a fan of the movies facebook page.