Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dorky shoes

This summer I only want to wear dorky shoes. Nice and sturdy and sensible and orthopaedic looking. I've been trying to hunt down a pair of Worishofer sandals - the comfort shoe favoured by grannies, but they don't appear to have a huge following outside of German nursing homes. So I'm currently sporting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (the name says it all), pictured top. They're clogs with heels and were huge in the 70s apparently. They're the clumpiest, frumpiest summer footwear and I love them. I spotted this pic of Jenny Gordy's dorky sandals on her blog and am hankering after a pair like that too. They're the sort I remember wearing when I was five - a year I often look back on for sartorial inspiration.

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