Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bocca di Lupo

After nothing short of a fiasco, we finally got the corner table we wanted at Bocca di Lupo. We did our usual trick of demanding pen and paper from the waitress in order to spodishly finesse our order. I voted for the fried bread with speck and squacquerone cheese - mostly because I liked the sound of squacquerone - and pork and foie gras sausage with faro. Delicious beyond words was Artichoke a la Giudia - a perfect heart of the veg deep fried to crispiness but unctiously soft in the centre. Seven or 8 plates later and still, Archie, Ol and I were hell-bent on tasting the Sanguinaccio: a pudding paté made from pig's blood and chocolate, which you spread thickly on slices of sourdough.

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